Crime Story

The saga of a Chicago police detective's efforts to stop a young hood's ruthless rise in the ranks of organized crime.

Duration:60 min




Season 1 - Crime Story
18 Sep 1986
"Chicago Major Crime Unit, led by no-nonsense lt. Torrello, stops a team of robbers, but the leader escapes. Torrello suspects Ray Luca, a mobster on the rise. He also deals with idealistic public defender Abrams, who opposes his methods."
19 Sep 1986
"A psycho killer becomes the MCU's top priority case. Luca uses the manpower shift to his advantage by pulling off major heists."
26 Sep 1986
"Lt. Torello and the MCU search for the person responsible for the murder committed during a home invasion. Feeling the heat from the MCU's home invasion investigation Phil Bartoli orders Ray Luca to take care of the problem personally."
30 Sep 1986
"Luca plans to take over the gambling business and sands one of his men, Holman, to St. Louis. Torello plans to take Holman down, but the local sheriff, who wants publicity gets in MCU's way."
07 Oct 1986
"Luca's takeover of the gambling business comes to a halt and Torello hits his other operations even harder. However, Torello suffers a major loss in his private life."
14 Oct 1986
"A pretty female reporter helps public defender Abrams defend a man accused of assaulting a slumlord and he falls for her. Torello, on the other hand, must help his wife get through the tough times."
28 Oct 1986
"The Torrellos' vacation is such a nightmare that Mike abandons it & goes back to work. The FBI corners Frank Holman in Cleveland but..."
04 Nov 1986
"Shocked Torello discovers that his old friend is working with the mob. A federal investigator, who's about to indict Luca, suspects Torello is dirty. Luca tries to stop the indictment."
11 Nov 1986
"Angered by the death of his friend, Torello decides to ignore the FBI and goes after Holman himself. Luca goes into fencing business. Abram's girlfriend Suzanne is attacked while investigating street drug dealers for her new piece."
05 Dec 1986
"As his marriage disintegrates, Torrello starts a relationship with lovely Inger Thorson, assistant of one of the jewelers Luca's crew murdered. MCU stops a new crew of robbers. Luca makes a deadly move against independent fences."
"No description"
12 Dec 1986
"MCU faces an armed robbery that turns into a hostage situation. Holman is caught, but overly ambitious Federal prosecutor Harry Breitel asks him to testify against Luca's crew as well as Torello's team."
26 Dec 1986
"Luca gets indicted and Torello is next, so his boss orders him to take a vacation. Luca tries to find someone to take out Holman in jail, before he testifies. He also asks naive Abrams for legal advice without disclosing the details."
"No description"
"No description"
30 Jan 1987
"The mob makes its move to take over Las Vegas casinos. Abrams and Torello gather a team and set up an undercover operation in the strip club that Luca's men frequently visit."
06 Feb 1987
"A general strike hits Las Vegas casinos. Luca decides to get the strike leaders on his side one way or the other. Meanwhile, Torello's team must track down a gang that bombing and setting fires to both casinos and the picket lines."
"No description"
27 Feb 1987
"Luca forces the owner of Palladium, the biggest Las Vegas casino still not controlled by the mob, to give in. Meanwhile, Jack Claymore, the undercover FBI agent who's infiltrated Luca's casino meats Torello and becomes compromised."
"No description"
"Luca's jubilation over his growing business turns to fear that his associates are setting him up. Luca's insatiable lust for violence proves his undoing when he rapes Pauli's girlfriend. Pauli testifies for the prosecution in Luca's trial."
Season 2 - Crime Story
22 Sep 1987
"Torello's team must protect a US Senator, the head of the Senate subcommittee that will investigates the mob, a glamorous actress, who wants to cut her ties to the mob, and a lusty, sleazy politician with a serious gambling addiction."
"No description"
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10 Nov 1987
"Torello's having a birthday party in a restaurant. His best friend and partner Sgt. Danny Krychek is shot in the bathroom. He whispers a clue to who the shooter is and heads for surgery. Mike must beat the clock to catch the assassin."
24 Nov 1987
"A man hires a private detective to find his girlfriend, who turns out to be the daughter of a mobster. Things don't go well. Meanwhile, Abrams has become an addict, so sympathetic Torello offers him a place in his team."
15 Dec 1987
"A Russian pilot defects by flying his plane into the U.S. and landing in Nevada. Torello and his men are assigned to protect him. They become friends. But Torello learns that the government..."
05 Jan 1988
"A casino owned by an African American is being hit with everything, from threats to bombs. Reporter Suzanne Terry's back to investigate the attacks and runs into her old flame, Abrams."
12 Jan 1988
"Torello tries to prove Iris, the African-American owner of the casino Moulin Rouge, that her partner might be using the place for money-laundering."
"No description"
02 Feb 1988
"A Chicago mobster with a contract on his head becomes the target of Torello, who wants him alive, and Luca, who wants him dead."
09 Feb 1988
"One of Luca's former bosses Manny Weisbord suffers a heart-attack. Luca tries to get him a new heart, so mobsters Max Goldman and Steve Kordoa, Luca's former associates put a contract on Luca."
08 Mar 1988
"How Paulie and Luca survived the atomic blast that seemingly killed them both at the end of season 1, how they made a deal with the government and how, with a little help from their mob friends, they got back in the business."
15 Mar 1988
"Torello goes into the desert after an escaped convict and his girlfriend. However, a corrupt local cop wants them both dead, even if he has to kill Torello to get them."
"No description"
29 Mar 1988
"No description"
26 Apr 1988
"Torello and his crew are after Luca, so he hides in Mexico. They go after him, even though the US government refuses to help them track him down there. However, this time Torello has a contact there who can help."
"No description"
"Torello and his men catch up to Luca in Mexico and force him to escape but they all get trapped inside a pilotless airborne plane."